Some Kate Spade Inspiration

I like this project not only because it is neon (You can do no wrong with neon..kind of), because it doesn’t look like one of those shifty do-it-yourself crafts, and because it seems pretty simple to make, as I’m not great with directions. Because I am new to DIY crafts I have to figure out where exactly to get the tools and supplies; but, once I out! My creativity won’t be able to be stopped!

Enough of are the directions. Enjoy


I saw this diy done before & thought I might give it a whirl (my wardrobe is seriously lacking pops of colour & thought this statement necklace would be parrrfect).
Here are some of the supplies I used (not pictured is the thinner chain, the small gold beads, and the Varathane):


My first step was using painters tape and two coats of my neon paint on the 1 inch wood beads.


note: it’s always good to smooth down all of the edges of the painters tape, so you don’t get some bleeding edges like I did!


After they dried, I gave them two good coats of Varathane for some extra shine.


The end of the chain that would hold the beads was secured with a closure,


and I attached the thicker chain on with a ring.


I then began adding my wooden & gold beads, like so.


When I was done stringing them on, I again used another closure and ring.


Then I measured my necklace to the length I wanted, snipped the thicker chain & attached it to the closure (I didn’t use a lobster clip, but just wanted it one continuous necklace).


The final product looks almost as good as the real thang (but for a HECKUVALOT cheaper! Try less than $10, compared to Kate Spade’s $128 bauble!)
Let’s compare, shall we?
Kate Spade’s Rosewood Dot Necklace:

<- Kate Spade
      Inspired –>
I wore it to work today & got a really positive response. I even had a cheeky student ask if she could have it. hmm… Kate Spade has an eye for youthful fashion!



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